The bells of christmas

Can you hear the bells already? Holidays are coming and a new year awaits us. Time for a little reflection and to look what lies ahead.

It has only been two months since we introduced our recycling program and I am very pleased to see that the initiative has been warmly received. Already twelve recycle points have registered from different countries and musical suppliers are gradually starting to show interest in our program.

For the coming year, all kinds of fun challenges await us. How can we further expand our program? What are our options for recycling and upcycling used music strings? How do we generate return value? Just to name a few.

I look forward to taking on these challenges with my fellow StringSavers.

For now I would like to thank you very much for the interest and support you have shown so far. And what better to do that than a musical contribution from one of our StringSavers.

Bram, thanks for sharing your video!

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