Recycle music strings? Yes, we can!

Sustainability has become an important aspect of our daily lives. Our increasingly busy world and the depletion of our natural resources force us to seek solutions for a more sustainable way of living. That also holds true for today’s music industry.

One of the most common consumables in the music industry are music strings. This being said, you may wonder: where do they fall in all of this? Our friends over at Strings Direct wrote a great article about it: How eco-friendly are your guitar strings?

The article discusses the efforts of our string brands to improve their carbon footprint, like reducing energy consumption, developing eco-friendly packaging and coating strings for better durability. The last part of the article discusses recycling programs for music strings.

D’Addario has taken the eco-game a step further with its national recycling program called Playback. The program consists of a network of ‘recycling centre’ drop off points througout the country, mostly guitar and music stores. If you are local to any of these stores, you can take your old strings there and the shop will then pass them on to be recycled. As an added incentive, they also introduced a loyalty program in which customers are rewarded for returning their used strings.

Since the start of the program in 2016 D’Addario says to have saved 5 million strings from landfill and hopes to grow that number to 7 million by the end of this year. Playback is a good example of a community driven recycling program … and a good example tends to be followed.

Looking at our population of around 510 million people and comparing that to the U.S. population of 330 million, we think Europe has a good potential for the developing of a similar recycling program. We also think we can pull this off if we try, so that’s what we will do! In the meantime, we will keep you updated on our progress.

Ok, that’s it for now! We would love to hear your thoughts on our program.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next blog post!

Cheerz, Robben

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