Gitty Up Go

When our first recycling points signed up, it was time to start thinking about promotional materials. We wanted to design a poster that attracts the attention of our visitors. And then, from an unexpected corner, Gitty Gilbert came to the rescue.

Gilbert, or Gijs (as we call him in the Netherlands) is an old acquaintance to many Europeans. Those who have visited our amusement park De Efteling will certainly recognize him. For those who do not know him yet, just search the internet for “Hollebolle Gijs”.

hollebolle gijs

When Efteling introduced Gijs to its audience in 1959, their waste problem disappeared like snow in the sun. A playful and at the same time very effective action.

We would like to thank Gitty for joining our wonderful project.

Hans, Wilma, the posters are on their way!

Cheerz, Robben

NOTE: I would like to emphasize that StringSavers is in no way affiliated with Efteling and Gitty is completely selfless in his actions in supporting our goals.

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