StringSavers is a non-profit organisation (stichting) committed to recycling music strings. Based out of the Netherlands, we collect and recycle guitar and bass strings across Europe.


We envision a world in which all used music strings are properly recycled.


All Sustainable Music Strings.


We focus on turning the linear economy into a circular economy. This boils down to reversing the supply chain:

Manufacturer -> Distributor -> Retailer -> Consumer

Consumer -> Retailer -> Recycler -> Manufacturer


To achieve our goals, we carry out various activities:

  1. Set up recycling points where musicians can drop off their used strings.
  2. Collect strings directly from musicians by creating return value.
  3. Search for new uses and suitable markets for the strings we collect.

Legal information

StringSavers is registered as a non-profit organisation (Stichting StringSavers) in The Netherlands at the Commercial Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce, under Registration Number 85447250.

About Robben

Robben is an amateur artist/musician from the Netherlands and founder of StringSavers. Robben Raventand is an anagram for Bart van den Borne.

About this site

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